Circular economy

We give EV batteries a second application.

Circular economy

With this we offer our customers a solid circular and sustainable solution.

Unlike in the current linear system, in which raw materials are converted into products that are destroyed or (sometimes) recycled at the end of their lifespan, we do upcycling! This way we avoid that discarded EV batteries are destroyed for recycling.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Our 2nd-use batteries are supplied with BMS (battery management system). The BMS that we work with is used worldwide in large energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

This BMS monitors all cells for voltage, temperature and charging current. On the basis of this information, cells are balanced and the SoC and SoH determined. Without balancing, emptier cells remain the weakest link in the system and thus limit capacity. The weaker cells are also loaded more, which can cause them to become thermally overloaded. By using a stable BMS, the safety and durability of the 2nd-use batteries is secured.

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